Sammy "Sonny" Bottino (born c. 1965) is the former underboss of the Gambetti Family, formerly the right hand man of Jon Gravelli, and one of the most notorious gangsters of the east coast of the United States.


According to his daughter Antonia, Sammy Bottino was the most important figure in the criminal underworld of the east coast during the '80s and '90s.[1] He was arrested in 1981 for Grand Theft Auto, in 1982 for hijacking, in 1984 for manslaughter and in 1993 for racketeering.[2]

Bottino went into hiding in 2007 after he was pinned for murder charges in Vice City. During this time, he was replaced by Roy Zito as acting underboss of the Gambetti Family. Despite being considered the logical successor as the head of the family,[2] Sammy Bottino took a plea bargain and became a snitch after his 2011 arrest. In 2013, one of Bottino's enemies had two men abduct his daughter Antonia and bury her alive in the San Andreas desert. She was rescued by Michael De Santa, Trevor Philips or Franklin Clinton, who Sammy Bottino rewarded for their help with $60,000.[1]


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