Mark Lupisella (born c. 1958) is the Don of the Lupisella crime family and the nephew of Vincent Lupisella. Nicknamed "Loopy" due to his notoriously low IQ and propensity for violence, it is commonly believed that his uncle is still in charge of the family.


Mark Lupisella was born around 1958 in Bohan in Liberty City, into the Lupisella crime family, one of the five families of the Commission. He was arrested for assault in 1975, for manslaughter in 1978 and 1985 and in 2001 for racketeering. By 2008, Mark had officially become the Don of the Lupisella family, though many believe that his uncle Vincent is still secretly the head.[1]

Mark Lupisella was set to have a reality TV series about himself on the CNT network, but plans were cancelled when he attacked an executive producer.[1] He has a daughter named Dani Lupisella.[2]


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