Lester Arnold (born c. 1962) is the suspected President of the Liberty City chapter of the Angels of Death motorcycle gang.


Lester Arnold was born in San Fierro around 1962. After moving to Liberty City, Arnold was arrested in 1988 for possession of methamphetamine, in 1989 and 1992 for assault, in 1993 for possessing heroine and in 2005 for identity theft.[1]

In 2008, Arnold released a book titled "Angels of Life" in cooperation with Fred M. Nelson, detailing his experiences with the Angels of Death. The book was set to be adapted into a Vinewood motion picture.[1]

By 2009, Arnold was in a relationship with Meredith. However, Meredith started an affair with Lester Leroc, a private detective hired by the Triads to infiltrate the gang to search for an FIB informant.[2]


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